Club Rules

Smoking / Drinking

  • Smoking is only permitted outside. Please do not discard your dog-ends where someone else has to clear them up after you. Do not smoke near the fuel bowser or near equipment.
  • Alcohol may only be drunk when the CI or his deputy has given permission. Alcohol will not normally be allowed to be consumed until the last lift of the day has taken off. Anyone breaching these rules may be asked to leave the premises.
  • Illegal substances are not allowed on site at any time. Anyone found to be using same will be asked to leave and the appropriate authorities informed.

Packing hall / Training area

  • No eating/ drinking or smoking in any parachute packing area.


  • Never smoke, eat or drink with parachute equipment on, also ensure you place your equipment where it will not get damaged.

Equipment Packed Abroad

  • If your equipment has been packed outside the UK (and is still in date) you agree, that to the best of your knowledge, that all safety bulletins for your equipment have been complied with.

All Parachutists

  • All parachutists must produce their relevant documents and receive a kit check and DZ brief before manifesting. You should be aware that a power line runs at 90 degrees to the main runway on the south side of the airfield.
  • Please ensure you receive a kit check (including AAD & RSL) by an appropriately qualified person prior to boarding the aircraft.
  • Parachutists will at all times intend to land on the parachute landing area PLA unless they are specifically given permission to do otherwise by the CI. If you land off the DZ please act with courtesy to anyone you meet and report to the DZ controller on your return.


  • A License parachutists must have an AAD and have it visually checked by the appropriately qualified person who carries out their flightline check. B’ License parachutists must have an operational AAD, except those completing CF jumps.
  • All experienced parachutists using an AAD should check that it is switched on prior to fitting their equipment.
  • If any uncertainty exists by the person checking an AAD, they must switch it off and reset the unit. If any doubt still exists, this needs to be brought to the attention of the person responsible for equipment at SCCL.

DZ Control / Jumpmasters / Aircraft Loader

  • Anyone carrying out these duties must have been briefed by an appropriate person.
  • Anyone carrying out the duties of DZ controller or Jumpmaster must have read and understood relevant sections of both the BPA operations manual and SCCL standard operating procedures. Copies of both are available from the manifest office.


  • Cars must only be parked in the designated areas.
  • No unauthorized persons may enter the main hanger or venture onto the airfield.
  • Please use the bins provided for your litter and remember that whilst children are welcome at Chatteris Airfield parents must ensure they are supervised at all times. Dogs should not be brought to the centre. However if they are they must be kept on a lead and supervised at all times.
  • All visitors, personnel and parachutists at Chatteris Airfield have a responsibility to report any incident or accident to the CI.
  • Please be courteous to our neighbors at all times and we ask you to drive carefully on all approach roads to and from the parachute centre.
  • If anyone is asked to leave the centre they must do so immediately.


  • In the event of a fire please leave the buildings immediately and meet in the lower grass car park.